HEPACART® certifies each filtration unit specifically for HEPA air quality and air flow to ensure superior safety.


With rugged aluminum construction, our products will provide you a virtual lifetime of use.


Using HEPACART® products reduces waste associated with disposable tents and other temporary enclosures.


HEPACART® products are designed for portability, efficiency, and effectiveness in many environments.


Over 50+ retrofit options make HEPACART® a dynamic product that can evolve from one project to the next.


HEPACART® products mean you are serious about infection and dust control.



STARC® Systems modular walls, available through HEPACART®, are the ultimate dust containment barrier. The airtight temporary walls are fast and easy to install, with locking panels and telescoping design allowing use in any space. Easy to sterilize and engineered for years of use, the STARC® barrier system is designed to be reused again and again. It’s the cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to dust containment.

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What we do

Specialized Infection Control and Dust Containment Products for High-Risk Environments

Infection Control

Every patient care facility and hospital must be mindful of Infection Control. HEPACART® offers a range of products that can keep renovation, construction, and maintenance areas contained in a way that protects patients and does not hinder staff's ability to provide care.

Dust Containment

Virtually any construction project can create dust and debris. In delicate environments, this is a major problem. The HEPACART® line of products can create negative air pressure that captures and filters dust and contaminants so that they are never released into the rest of the building.

Save Time and Money

Each HEPACART® product is designed to make remodeling, renovation, maintenance, and construction easy and safe. With HEPACART®, anyone can easily ensure a clean environment stays that way. Our products are easily affordable, durable, and portable for maximum efficiency.

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Get more information with our helpful Hepacart® videos


Learn more about the origins of the HEPACART® company from Lead Engineer Jeff Pirner and our flagship ceiling access cart: The HEPACART®.


See how easy and efficient it is to install a HEPACART® Anteroom at your facility. In a matter of minutes, you can have total room isolation.


STARC® Systems modular containment systems, available through HEPACART®, are a simple, easy to use, and environmentally friendly alternative.

HEPA Certified

Our Negative Air Machine is inspected and certified to clean the air to Level 5, 99.99% with a MERV rating of 18. Every HEPACART receives HEPA filter integrity tests (IEST-RP-CC0034.2) as well as particulate tests for ISO 14644 Class V air. Certification paperwork is included in each purchase and valid for one year.

Our Products

All of our products are designed to deliver the best in dust containment and safety from contaminants


Our best selling ceiling access cart that improves productivity while keeping facilities safe and clean.

  • Requires no assembly
  • Sets up in 2 minutes or less
  • Includes embedded  negative air machine


This external aluminum passage-way serves as a secondary vestibule into/out-of any room with a highly contagious patient or as dust containment when a room is undergoing maintenance, renovation, or construction.

  • Can be customized to fit any size door from 28" to 52".

  • Pays for itself after one room application.

  • Meets requirements for most Class IV Infection Control measures when paired with a HEPA-filtration and a negative air machine.

CAP (Cabling Access Point)

A productivity tool that allows contractors and facility workers to feed cable quickly in through lift-out ceiling tiles.

  • Works in a 2'x2' ceiling grid or a 2'x4' ceiling grid where cable can be fed quickly and cleanly through a protected opening.

  • Minimal impact on clean air environments

  • Steel rollers reduce friction and improve cable flow 

Airborne Pathogen Disinfection

HEPA filtration has long been the gold standard in airborne disinfection, with the filtration systems in HEPACART products trapping 99.999% of particles .3 microns or larger before they put patients at risk.

Dust Buggy™

A mobile dust containment cart without a negative air machine.
  • Spring-loaded with a closed cell neoprene gasket for a tight and safer seal 

  • Reduces the risk of dust exposure in high-risk environments

  • Quick to set up, easy to move, and requires no assembly

STARC® Systems

STARC® Systems modular containment systems, available through HEPACART®, are a simple, easy to use, and environmentally friendly alternative to other temporary dust containment options. The airtight walls can be configured in virtually any shape while the telescoping design ensures an airtight seal, no matter what the shape or size of the contained space. Plus, the panels are completely reusable and easy to sterilize, which means you can use them time and time again.