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Room Isolation

In the context of a patient care facility, emergency preparedness and room isolation is critical.

Halt the Spread of Infectious Diseases


Room isolation refers to physical actions that are put in place to interrupt the spread of identified contagious diseases or other potential outbreaks when they occur in a patient care facility.  As a room isolation module with external adaptors for air filtering, the HEPACART™ AnteRoom helps patient care facilities implement infection control guidelines through the use of a magnetically-sealed room isolation module that manages the proliferation of airborne particles and other contagious pathogens, as well as physical access to the affected areas. The HEPACART™ AnteRoom is an external aluminum passage that serves as an isolating entryway and meets all the requirements of Class IV Infection Control precautionary measures.

The AnteRoom fits nearly any size doorways and seals magnetically to the frame. The HEPACART™ AnteRoom can easily be moved from room to room and is a much faster and less expensive alternative than building temporary tents and walls.

In the event of an on-site outbreak or the influx of patients carrying potentially contagious infections, the creation of a fixed wall and a separate air handling system to protect other areas of the facility is costly and time consuming. As a means for emergency preparedness and isolation, the HEPACART™ AnteRoom is an economical solution that is easy to implement in any facility type. Recently, during a highly-reported infectious disease outbreak, the AnteRoom was successfully deployed as a secondary vestibule outside of both the infected patient area and cleaning area as part of protocol for infection control. 

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