Stocked and available through HEPACART®, STARC® LiteBarrier™ is a simple, easy to use, and environmentally friendly alternative to other temporary dust containment options. The airtight walls can be configured in virtually any shape while the telescoping design ensures an airtight seal, no matter what the shape or size of the contained space. Plus, the LiteBarrier™ panels are completely reusable and easy to sterilize, which means you can use them time and time again. 

The STARC® LiteBarrier™ solution is a fast and reliable solution to containment, infection control, and noise complaint issues. Unlike the STARC® RealWall™, LitetBarrier™ has no sound attenuating foam core but costs about 40% less. LiteBarrier™ provides the same ease-of-use for those projects where budget is the determining factor.

HEPACART® carries STARC® Systems because it holds true to the HEPACART® promises of durability, productivity, ease-of-use, sustainability and professional craftsmanship. 

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STARC Systems LiteBarrier™ takes the same great flexibility of STARC® RealWall™ and provides a single-panel, lighter design that is superior to polycarbonate options. 

STARC® LightBarrier™ Installs Quickly

The unique lift-mate drop connection system and standardized interface of STARC® LiteBarrier™ makes installation easy and efficient. With experience, your team can install 100 linear feet of STARC® in an hour. You can watch that video here: How long does it take to assemble 97 ft. of STARC®.

STARC® LightBarrier™ Is Highly Customized

With five different panel sizes, air panels, swinging and sliding doors, flexible corners and wall interfaces, STARC® LiteBarrier™ can tackle projects of all shapes and sizes. Zero to ninety degree flexible corners allow the ability to make any turn. Filler panels allow STARC® LiteBarrier™to work around wall obstacles.

STARC®LightBarrier™ Walls Telescope

Each component of STARC® Systems telescopes to reach the ceiling. There is not stacking nor hardware necessary. A simple wrench (included) tightens the panels once in place and they are secured by grid-clips to the ceiling. 

STARC® LightBarrier™ Has a 2 Year Warranty

Industry leading warranty for peace-of-mind.

STARC®LightBarrier™ Exceeds ICRA Class IV Requirements and is Durable Class A Rated.

Used exclusively by some of the largest healthcare companies and contractors in the U.S. dedicated to a better experience for patients and their crews. 

Download the New STARC LiteBarrier CATALOG


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How long does it take

to assemble 97 ft of Starc®?


 Watch this video and contact us for more information on all sizes and components available exclusively through HEPACART®.

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