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Keep Indoor Air Safe In High-risk Environments

Equipment Consultation

Whether you are a healthcare worker, general contractor, or even a superintendent, this consultation will help you understand your air quality needs and how to address them. Let our experts help you identify what can be done to maximize efficiency, control infection, and save time and money.


Schedule a time with our team to:

  1. Receive tailored advice for your needs

  2. Customize a configured equipment solution

  3. Get one step closer to cleaner air in your facility

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Bringing Value to You

All of our products are used to protect the environment in many types of high-risk applications.


What You Will Achieve in This Meeting

After the consultation, you will get a clearer picture of equipment types, options, configurations, and overall knowledge of what equipment will work best for your facility.
I looked at several alternatives to HEPACART but found them not to have the standards to meet the challenges of this project that HEPACART provided in each of their products." I found these HEPACART products to be very durable, very productive, job — flexible and safe and sustainable infection control solutions. They are easy to use and typically exceed the Safety and ICRA protocols and standards.
Mark Mitchell

Senior Project Manager; J&J Worldwide