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Cabling Access Point Largest Cable Bundles

The Cabling Access Point Largest Cable Bundles Wire Pulling Tool (Patent # 8,397,451), or CAP Largest Cable Bundles, is a productivity tool for use in wire pulling in a healthcare facility, classrooms, or other environments with lift-out grid ceiling tiles. The CAP Largest Cable Bundles fits the same 2' x 2'. profile but has a much larger 20” x 6” opening and roller assembly for very larger cable bundles. Our CAP products allow contractors and other facility workers an access point when pulling cable in the ceiling grid where the cable can be fed quickly and cleanly through a slot in the ceiling with minimal impact on clean air environments found in data centers, pharmaceutical labs, food preparation plants, hospitals, and other patient care facilities.

CAP Largest Cable Bundles is a productivity tool that saves time and money when pulling cable in a lift-out ceiling. Steel rollers on the backside decrease friction and improve cable-flow, thus protecting the cable.

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CAP Largest Cable Bundles Saves Time

The CAP Largest Cable Bundles user will spend less time pulling cable and feel confident that it is free from nicks or scrapes.

Our CAP Largest Cable Bundles provides an access point in the ceiling to assist installers in quickly pulling cable through the slot and between the rollers. The CAP Largest Cable Bundles opening is protected by horsehair bristles that keep dust, dirt, and debris from falling out of the ceiling. Therefore, the CAP Largest Cable Bundles user will spend less time pulling cable, reduce potential damage to the cable jacket, and protect the surrounding space from dust, dirt, and debris.

In addition to protecting cabling and the environment, the CAP Largest Cable Bundles saves labor hours and associated costs and can be used either with or without the HEPACART® Classic or HEPACART® Auto Lift.

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CAP Largest Cable Bundles

Used for productivity and safety when pulling cable in a lift-out ceiling.
  • •  Decreases friction on wires and closes off ceiling tile to 2' x 2' with a 20" x 6" opening
  • •  Is protected by horsehair bristles
  • •  Can be attached to the building structure
  • •  Weight: 14 lbs. 
  • •  Specs: 24” x 24”

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