OmniAire 1000V HEPA Air Machine

Our popular, medium size negative air machine with variable speed and compact size housing is extremely versatile. It is used in mold, lead abatement and restoration projects. Airflow: 350-900 cfm | Weight: 75 lbs | Optional: Include clamps, hose, and adaptor ring to fit perfectly with the HCAR36 and HCAR48 AnteRoom models.

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OmniAire 2000VMED

OmniAire 2000VMED is a popular, medium-sized negative air machine with variable speed control which produces 300 to 1900 cfm and weighs only 110lbs.

Optional: Include clamps, hose, and adaptor ring to fit perfectly with the HCAR36 and HCAR48.


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How Negative Air Machines Work

A negative air machine creates a pressure differential between two different areas. In its natural state, air wants to move from higher pressure areas to lower pressure areas in order to reach equilibrium. Negative air pressure machines use this natural inclination to the advantage of infection control.

As an isolation technique, an air machine uses a fan system to force air out the isolated area and through a HEPA filter before it is exhausted into another area of the facility. By controlling the pressure differential with a negative air machine, the facility is able to ensure that all air leaving the isolated room is filtered and clean before it comes into contact with any other patients, thereby lessening the chance of spreading infection.


Where to Use Them

According to the World Health Organization's guide "Prevention of hospital-acquired infections," negative air pressure is recommended for contaminated areas. Creating negative air pressure in a patient isolation room, or in a place where dust and debris are being created, the air that is able to flow out around doors and windows is minimized, keeping patients throughout the facility safer while clean air from outside the room is still able to filter in. In specific terms, the American Institute of Architects recommends that air pressure be 0.01" water gauge (w.g.) or 2.5 Pascals (Pa) for all patient rooms and 0.03" e.g. (8 Pa) for advanced protected environments. 
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