HEPACART® products are assembled in the USA and sold, leased, and rented factory direct out of the Kansas City area. Please call (913)789-9590 or Fax (913) 677-5772, or email info@hepacart.com. International inquiries should be directed to mfarnsworth@hepacart.com.

HEPACART® pricing is provided direct from the manufacturer upon your request, or from one of our distributors (Grainger, Communications Supply Corporation, Graybar, Spycor, Abatix OR Acklands Grainger -- Canada).

HEPACART® products are designed specifically to meet your application and we have a product available that can meet every budget.  HEPACART® is the best value in infection control during construction, maintenance, or renovation. Custom or spec built carts are also available for certain applications.

HEPACART® models are designed to protect patients and productivity. Most of our carts are ordered with an embedded Negative Air Machine (NAM) to make them quick to set up, move, and reset. Every HEPACART receives HEPA filter integrity tests (IEST-RP-CC0034.2) as well as particulate tests for ISO 14644 Class V air. Certification paperwork is included in each purchase and valid for one year.Certified HEPA with a MERV rating of 18 plus.  

HEPACART® products are made from aluminum and are rugged, long term investments. Unlike plastic or plexiglass dominated products, our aluminum carts are grounded via the electrical option (option E standard with all pre-packaged U-models) and will not build up a static charge across its surface, which can endanger electronic circuitry and create an ion charge that traps dust and bacteria. Aluminum is also resistant to stain and discoloration and easier to clean. According to contractors and hospitals, the HEPACART® is far superior to vinyl zip lock tents and tents on wheels in terms of productivity, safety, and long term value.

HEPACART® has an entire line of infection control carts. Our Dust Buggy™ line is designed to collect dust from ceiling work.  The Dust Buggy™ can be equipped with a connection (Option IA) to an external Negative Air Machine (NAM). The HEPACART® ceiling access cart comes standard with the embedded, certified NAM and can be equipped with a connection to exhaust filtered air away from the work area (Option EA).  Option "E" for electrical and "N" for NAM is required for filtration for all custom HEPACART® orders.
Our HEPACART® model carts are noted for ceiling access work. In 2014, we launched a dual access cart that provides both ceiling and wall access. Please contact us at info@hepacart.com or (913) 789-9590 for more information.
Yes, HEPACART® products fit through a standard 3' door regardless of door hardware.  HEPACART® (HC74U) Dimensions:  80"L, 68"H, and 29" W. HC55U Dimensions: 60"L, 68"H, and 29" W. HC74UX Dimensions: 80"L, 74"H, and 39" W   The HEPACART® will also fit on standard hospital elevators. Please contact us for a Product Specification Matrix for dimensions on all of our products.
This depends upon the specifics of the infection control plan. Individual hospitals, each state, and joint council have standards for the use of collection or  filtration devices in different risk areas. Consult your local hospital for their specifics.  HEPACART® is required in some pharmaceutical and data applications. You can find out more about use requirements in Compliance Standards.
One person can easily pull a HEPACART®. All four casters swivel and two of them can lock. Each caster also has a locking brake. One person can also raise and lower the enclosure poles in just a few minutes. Consult your local hospital for their OSHA related policies that may require more than one person.
Every HEPACART® receives HEPA filter integrity tests (IEST-RP-CC0034.2) as well as particulate tests for ISO14644 Class V air. Certification paperwork is included and good for one year.
Our standard enclosure height accommodates 10 feet, 6 inches from the floor to the ceiling. An option (T) is available that will enable all HEPACART® models to work in ceilings that are 12 feet tall.
Either 6 foot or 8 foot  ladders can be used with a HEPACART®. Each cart contains a ladder brace (shelf) for resting the ladder and ladder cleat brackets. Our HC74U will accommodate most ladders up to 8 ft. Our extra widecarts (39") accommodate a 10 foot ladder. Taller extension ladders are used with proper safety precautions.
HEPACART® provides standardl PTC or PTFRC for "pass through slips" that enable you to pass conduit, wire, small tools, and equipment from one person outside the cart to a person inside without shutting down the negative air machine, compromising air pressure or opening the door.
HEPACART® is available in a wide range of series and models each with customizable options. All of our options were developed from user suggestions. Please download our catalog for a list of all models and options. Your input as to how to customize our product to best fit your applications is always appreciated.
HEPACART® products are made from aluminum with an adjustable enclosure at the top. Our standard enclosure is flame resistant. We have an option FRT for a fire retardant enclosure (welding fabric) serving a 10 foot or 12 foot ceiling. This fabric can turn a 1000° spark.
HEPACART® products have 900 lbs weight rated casters with non-marking, poly injected wheels that will not mark floors.
HEPACART® shipment is dependent upon inventory and order backlog. Our U-Models are generally in-stock and ship within a few days. Please contact HEPACART® via phone, fax, or e-mail for a specific schedule.
Shipping costs vary by distance of shipment. Please contact us for specific shipment charges based upon zip code.
HEPACART® products are wrap-packed and shipped on a pallet, completely assembled via truck line for North American deliveries. Simply remove from the shipping/storage pallet to begin working. The carts' approximate weight is 375 lbs. The total shipping weight including cart is 625 lbs. Please contact us for specific overseas delivery information.

There are a dedicated number of national rental units. The standard rental unit is our HC74UL model. You can access additional rental information here.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Purchase orders are accepted on 30 day terms with credit information and an approved credit review.
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