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We take our work seriously and ensure that all of our products meet the highest of standards.



The strength of our HEPACART® product line is its durability. In fact, HEPACART® products will provide you a virtual lifetime of use. Our first HEPACART® ceiling access carts sold in 2006 to Shawnee Mission Medical Center are still going strong today. Many other products will need to be replaced in 2 to 3 years making the investment in a HEPACART® a better decision. The durability of HEPACART® is the key to an investment that provides a long-term return in savings and productivity.


The easy-to-use raising and lowering mechanism allows the HEPACART® ceiling access cart to move in 90 seconds. The onboard certified HEPA-filtered NAM keeps you from moving several pieces of equipment around for each ceiling penetration. Customers report just the productivity gain allows the HEPACART® products to be paid for in a short period of time. Plus the HEPACART® ships certified and totally assembled so you can start the project within minutes of its arrival. Our AnteRoom product can isolate a room in less than ten minutes while our CAP (Cabling Access Point) makes cable-pulling faster and safer in risky environments.



HEPACART® is the only company that certifies each unit specifically for air-quality and air-flow. This allows you to get started quickly when your HEPACART® products arrive . Plus, the HEPACART® is built on a stable 2"x4" aluminum framed base in a braced ladder configuration (every 13") with wheel assemblies rated for 900 lbs. each. In addition, the spring-loaded lift mechanism provides additional support at the ceiling. Your workers can rest assured HEPACART® is a stable platform for all types of work. Ladder cleats and a ladder shelf provide great support for 6 to 8 foot ladders. Some models can even accomodate the width of a 10 foot ladder. The HEPACART® is also grounded when plugged into an outlet and has limited plexi-glass and plastic which means it cleans up easier and resists static build-up that can trap infected dust.


The only thing that is certain in healthcare construction and renovation is that the next project will probably be different than the current project. That is why our HEPACART® product line is dynamic with over 50 options available to help with specific applications now or at a future time. Most HEPACART® options can retrofit any HEPACART® product in the field and we continue to add new options on a regular basis -- most recently our slide out frame and Halo LED lighting system. The flexibility of the HEPACART® product line makes it truly unique.



Because you don’t have to worry about building temporary enclosures or the replacement rates of tents or tents-on-wheels, HEPACART® products help reduce the vast amount of plastic, wood and drywall during maintenance and renovation projects that ends up in landfills. These materials are expensive and often are used for just one job. HEPACART® products will be around for lots of projects and contribute to LEED protocols for eliminating the disposal of non-recylcable waste. After a virtual lifetime of use, HEPACART® products are also aluminum and can be recycled accordingly.


HEPACART® products mean you are serious about infection and dust control. Nurses like that it looks clean while project managers and contractors like that the product is substantial and conveys a seriousness about infection control.