The HEPACART® product line is assembled in our factory in Lenexa, KS USA and sold direct and through distribution around the world.

For inquiries, please call (913)789-9590 or email info@hepacart.com.

You can access our latest catalog here: HEPACART CATALOG

For pricing information, please contact HEPACART® at info@hepacart.com or 913-789-9590.  Pricing is also available on our website at shop.hepacart.com as well as from of our distribution partners including:


Jobsite (Canada)
Arcom (Canada)
HEPACART UK (United Kingdom / European Union)
IC Disinfection (Australia)
Inter Equipment (Middle East)
Ho Yeung (Asia}

Contact us for a full list of international distribution partners. 


Every HEPACART® mobile containment model delivers on our commitment to:

DURABILITY: Our first HEPACART® ceiling access carts were sold in 2006 and still going strong today. Each HEPACART® is made with the highest quality of construction for rugged durability - making for a great long term investment.

FLEXIBILITY: The only thing certain in construction and renovations projects in high-risk environments is change. Whether it is the ICRA requirements for hospital work, a change of scope, or in application; HEPACART® has you covered with upgradeable and add-on options for nearly any job. 

PRODUCTIVITY: HEPACART® customers report the built-in features and design allow for a productivity gains which allow the units to pay for themselves in a short period of time.

SAFETYHEPACART® is the only company that test and certifies each unit specifically for air-quality and air-flow. The HEPACART® design is lab tested for medical grade HEPA compliance (99.99% at .3 microns) and each unit receives HEPA filter integrity tests (IEST-RP-CC0034.2) as well as particulate tests for ISO 14644 Class V air. Certification paperwork is included in each purchase.   HEPACART® is built for the safety of the crew in the unit and the patients outside.

SUSTAINABILITY: HEPACART® mobile containment helps reduce the vast amount of plastic, wood and drywall used in containment projects. 

AESTHETICS: HEPACART® products mean your company or facility is serious about infection and dust control. HEPACART® customers appreciate the product is substantial and conveys a seriousness about infection prevention and dust containment. 

HEPACART®  products are trusted in over 5,000 healthcare facilities around the U.S. and in many more worldwide.

HEPACART® has an entire line of mobile infection control carts for different applications. 

The flagship HEPACART® ceiling access cart comes standard with the embedded, fully-tested and certified negative air machine. HEPACART® provides the maximum protection from dust and pathogens and complies with ICRA levels I-IV.

The DUSTBUGGY® line is built to the same quality as a HEPACART® yet designed to contain dust from ceiling work without a negative air machine. In normal situations, the DUSTBUGGY® is used in less critical areas and complies with ICRA levels I-II. A DUSTBUGGY® can be equipped with a connection to an external negative air machine or in-field retrofitted to a HEPACART® to comply with all ICRA levels. 


Our HEPACART® model carts are noted for ceiling access work. In 2014, we launched a dual access cart that provides both ceiling and wall access. Please contact us at info@hepacart.com or (913) 789-9590 for more information.

Yes, most HEPACART® mobile containment units fit through a standard 3' door regardless of door hardware.  

HEPACART 55 Classic or Auto-Lift
Dimensions: 60" L x 29" W x 74" H  

HEPACART 74 Classic or Auto-Lift

Dimensions:  80"L, 68"H, and 29" W.


HC55U Dimensions: 60"L, 68"H, and 29" W. HC74UX Dimensions: 80"L, 74"H, and 39" W   The HEPACART® will also fit on standard hospital elevators.

This depends upon the specifics of the infection control plan. Individual hospitals, each state, and joint council have standards for the use of collection or  filtration devices in different risk areas. Consult your local hospital for their specifics.  HEPACART® is required in some pharmaceutical and data applications. You can find out more about use requirements in Compliance Standards.
One person can easily pull a HEPACART®. All four casters swivel and two of them can lock. Each caster also has a locking brake. One person can also raise and lower the enclosure poles in just a few minutes. Consult your local hospital for their OSHA related policies that may require more than one person.
Every HEPACART® receives HEPA filter integrity tests (IEST-RP-CC0034.2) as well as particulate tests for ISO14644 Class V air. Certification paperwork is included and good for one year.
Our standard enclosure height accommodates 10 feet, 6 inches from the floor to the ceiling. An option (T) is available that will enable all HEPACART® models to work in ceilings that are 12 feet tall.
Either 6 foot or 8 foot  ladders can be used with a HEPACART®. Each cart contains a ladder brace (shelf) for resting the ladder and ladder cleat brackets. Our HC74U models will accommodate most ladders up to 8 ft. Our HC74UX models (39" wide) accommodate a 10 foot ladder. Taller extension ladders up to 16 ft. are used with proper safety precautions and are optional Adjustable Ladder Extension Module (part# ALEM). 
HEPACART® provides standard pass through slips that enable you to pass conduit, wire, small tools, and equipment from one person outside the cart to a person inside without shutting down the negative air machine, compromising air pressure or opening the door.
HEPACART® is available in a wide range of series and models each with customizable options. All of our options were developed from user suggestions. Please download our catalog for a list of all models and options. Your input as to how to customize our product to best fit your applications is always appreciated.
HEPACART® products are made from aluminum with an adjustable enclosure at the top. Our standard enclosure is flame resistant. We have an option FRT for a fire retardant enclosure (welding fabric) serving a 10 foot or 12 foot ceiling. This fabric can turn a 1000° spark.
HEPACART® products have 900 lbs weight rated casters with non-marking, poly injected wheels that will not mark floors.
HEPACART® shipment is dependent upon inventory and order backlog. Our U-Models are generally in-stock and ship within a few days. Please contact HEPACART® via phone, fax, or e-mail for a specific schedule.
Shipping costs vary by distance of shipment. Please contact us for specific shipment charges based upon zip code.
HEPACART® products are wrap-packed and shipped on a pallet, completely assembled via truck line for North American deliveries. Simply remove from the shipping/storage pallet to begin working. The carts' approximate weight is 375 lbs. The total shipping weight including cart is approximately 500 lbs. Please contact us for specific overseas delivery information.

There are a dedicated number of national rental units. The standard rental unit is our HC74U18 model. You can access additional rental information here.

  • Please note Sales tax (when applicable) outside of the state of Kansas is the buyer’s responsibility and will not be collected or remitted by the seller. Items sold in Kansas  are subject to sales tax provided the customer is not a tax-exempt entity. In Kansas sales tax will be reflected on the invoice.
  • Please submit tax exempt form. 
  • Payment terms are net 30 days with approved credit.
  • We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
  • This quotation unless noted necessarily expires 30 days from the date quoted.
  • A general product liability insurance certificate is available.
  • HEPACART® items are a product purchase – job retainage (paying only after being paid for a project) does not apply.
  • All shipments are F.O.B. Origin unless noted by HEPACART®.
  • Shipping and handling charges include both freight, labor and materials.
  • See complete list of terms and conditions provided on each quote.
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