The Pathogen Reduction Box Featuring Far-UV Sterilray™

Use the Pathogen Reduction Box (PRB) available from HEPACART® to disinfect high touch items that are frequently passed from patient to health care worker and/or from worker to worker.  Use it to quickly disinfect movable patient items such as Ipads, cell phones, tv remotes, stethoscopes, cell phones and more.

Advantages of Far-UV Serilray Technology 

Far-UV Sterilray™ is a new Far-UV technology that is up to 1,000 times more effective than germicidal UV-C. The Pathogen Reduction Box uses two lamps over and under and object placed inside on the special plate. 99.999% reduction of MRSA, VRE was achieved in tests in just 20 seconds.

To learn more about Far-UV Sterilray™, download our fact sheet below:

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Advantages of the Pathogen Reduction Box Featuring Far-UV Sterilray™


•Dry, chemical-free disinfection

•Disinfection of non-critical items in 20 seconds
•Green-Clean - environmentall friendly
•No residue left behind
•Disinifection of personal items before leaving facility
•Plus much more

To learn more about the Pathogen Reduction Box get the data sheet below:


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