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Designed for Our Customers to Maximize the Usage and Benefit of HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® Mobile Containment Units

HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® Operation and Safety Manual

The HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® Operation and Safety Manual is included with every unit. Included in this manual are Safety Instructions, Usage and Care, Maintenance, Storage and Transportation, Steps of Operation, General Specs and More. 

HEPACART Operation and Safety Manual US-CAN

HEPACART® Demo Video

The HEPACART demo video offers a comprehensive glimpse into the innovative solutions provided by HEPACART®, a leading provider of infection control products for healthcare facilities. The video showcases the versatility and efficiency of the mobile containment units, designed to mitigate the spread of airborne contaminants during construction and renovation projects in hospitals, medical facilities, data centers, and more. Through clear demonstrations and informative narration, viewers witness how these carts effectively create controlled environments, ensuring safety and compliance. 


HEPACART Sizzle Video

HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® Training Videos

Personalized training for the HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY®  with Certificates of Completion for each user. A best practice is to require this training prior to using the equipment to maximize productivity and care while in service. 

HEPACART Training Registration Page 

HEPACART Training Video 1 
HEPACART Training Video 2
HEPACART Training Video 3 

HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® Replacements / Consumables

Even though the HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® are built like a tank, it is likely user error can result in the need to replace parts. Plus, don't forget to replace your pre-filters regularly and HEPA-filters as needed. 

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HEPACART® Annual Testing and Re-Certification Service

Each year, it is important to have a HEPACART® tested and re-certified to meet ICRA and air quality compliance. We provide a turnkey service with our network of air quality technicians. 

Schedule a Re-Testing and Certification 

Additional HEPACART® and DUSTBUGGY® Use and Maintenance Information

Here are some additional use and technical resources to help.

Daily Use:

HEPACART Maintenance Checklist  
HEPACART Daily Use Log 
HEPACART Enclosure Options  

Repair and/or Replace

HEPACART Electrical Troubleshooting Instructions
HEPACART Enclosure Installation Instructions  
HEPACART Exploded Diagram - Upper Enclosure 
HEPACART Exploded Diagram - Door and Hardware 
HEPACART Exploded Diagram - NAM and Electrical 

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