10 Facts About Far-UV Sterilray™

Get the details on this safe, effective disinfection technology that could make your healthcare facility and patients less susceptible to hospital-acquired infections.
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10 Facts About Far-UV Sterilray

The Far-UV Sterilray™ is a dry, chemical-free disinfection method that uses UV light to achieve a 99.99% kill rate for pathogens.

Unlike other UV disinfection options, Far-UV Sterilray™ uses part of the UV spectrum that is safer for humans while still physically destroying bacteria, viruses, and fungi to prevent the spread of infection. 

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  • What "far-UV" means
  • How the technology works
  • How it compares to currently avaialble UV disinfection options
  • Why Far-UV Sterilray™ could be a better solution for healthcare facilities, agricultural operations, food manufacturing, and more

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