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We offer a rental program to use either the HEPACART™ or AnteRoom during your construction projects

Learn More About Our Rental Program

Whether you want to rent a HEPACART™  product for a one-time project, or you would like to rent a product to eventually own, we can work with you.

If you'd like to rent from us, or want more information, please fill out the form.


Rental Rates: (Per HEPACART™)

  1. •$1500 per month
  2.  OR
  3. •$500 per week
  4.  PLUS
  5. •$1000 refundable security deposit 
  6.  PLUS
  7. •Roundtrip freight

Rental Purchase Option: (Per HEPACART™)

  1. •Apply 50% of rental towards purchase.
  2. •Apply Security Deposit (optional)
  3. •Purchase HEPACART™ Rental at market value. 

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