As the makers of HEPACART®, we are proud to introduce the DUSTBUGGY®! OurDUSTBUGGY® is a mobile dust containment cart without a Negative Air Machine. If you need to have the high environmental safety standards of HEPACART®, but you don’t anticipate using the Negative Air Machine built into HEPACART®, ourDUSTBUGGY® could be the perfect fit for you.

TheDUSTBUGGY® was designed for hospital maintenance workers and contractors that required a more cost effective solution than the plastic tent enclosures. Compared to those, ourDUSTBUGGY® is more portable, sturdier (like our HEPACART®, it's built with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum base) and quicker to set up and take down. Workers familiar with the DUSTBUGGY® can transport it from site to site easily in under two minutes, and unlike a plastic tent, you can leave your ladder and toolbox inside the base during the move.

DUSTBUGGY® has many options to meet your specific needs and is available in two sizes.

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An economical dust containment solution

Our standard DUSTBUGGY® model has gotten an upgrade. The DUSTBUGGY® uses the same heavy-duty construction as the battle-tested HEPACART® without the negative air machine feature.

The DUSTBUGGY® 55 is easy to set up and move in just 90 seconds and provides a tight seal for ceilings up to 10’6” tall (or 14’ with an optional extension). It’s an economical solution for your facility’s dust containment needs.

And should you want the added protection of an onboard negative air machine down the line, the DUSTBUGGY® can be retrofitted!

Download the datasheet for the full details, including upgraded feature options like an automated, push-button lift system.

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