AnteRoom protects patients by isolating individual rooms during renovation, construction and maintenance reducing exposure to dust and associated pathogens.

AnteRoom Products

The HEPACART™ AnteRoom is an external aluminum passage-way that serves as an entryway into any larger room undergoing maintenance, renovation or construction is taking place. The HEPACART™ AnteRoom provides total room isolation, a containment measure that mitigates patient risk from work dust and related contaminants. With external negative air machine adapters on either side of the enclosure, HEPACART™ AnteRoom provides air filtration, dust collection and infection control. On most Infection Control matrices for construction or renovation in hospitals, the specifications for the HEPACART™ AnteRoom meet all the requirements of Class IV Infection Control precautionary measures, where contractors or maintenance workers must construct an anteroom that allows for adequate isolation of the work environment and negative airflow.

The AnteRoom comes in two models:


  • Equipped with floor levelers and stabilizers that allow for a secure and steady contact with the door frame. 
  • Includes 3 windows for visibility when exiting and can be disassembled for flat storage

Download the AnteRoom HCAR36 data sheet below.

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  •  Magnetically seals to virtually any size door frame
  • An external Negative Air Machine can be attached to either side of the AnteRoom to facilitate traffic and accommodate space needed

Download the AnteRoom CAR48 data sheet below.

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